About Chrystine…

Chrystine RicherChrystine Richer, owner of Smartcooking.ca, has been passionate about food for many years. She started cooking at the age of 12, when her grandmother taught her how to prepare traditional comfort food from home. At 18 she bought her first French cookbook and began to experiment with French cuisine. It was through her love of traveling that she discovered the richness of exotic cuisines and spices. Chrystine enjoyed laughing, telling stories and entertaining her friends, and most importantly sharing with them her delicious recipes collected from around the world. Her lifelong passion for cooking fresh, healthy foods inspired her to start her own business as a personal chef at Smart Cooking.ca.

Chrystine continues to explore her passion for food by creating unique recipes, participating in special cooking classes, and experimenting with wonderful organic ingredients found in her current home of Vancouver, BC. There is no greater enjoyment for Chrystine than to delight her clients’ palates.