Stephanie’s Testimonial

A friend gave us an amazing gift of the services of Smart Cooking.  We opted to have a large dinner party prepared at our home. It was the best and easiest dinner party I’ve ever hosted! Chrystine is an excellent chef with an expansive repertoire.  We met and settled on a menu and on the day of the dinner party Chrystine fulfilled all of our expectations.  She selected high-quality ingredients and prepared a beautiful meal to our specifications. Highlights were the halibut with romesco sauce that I still crave and a fresh fruit and mascarpone dessert. Chrystine took care of all the preparation down to a flower setting for the table and even handled the clean-up. I felt very relaxed, even spoiled, and I highly recommend Chrystine for personal chef services


Ellen’s Testimonial 

My family hired Chrystine from Smart Cooking to cook my birthday dinner this year. What a wonderful surprise! Not only did Chrystine make and serve a delicious meal, with options for different dietary concerns, but the kitchen was spotless when she left. Treat yourself or someone else to an easy and carefree evening of entertaining.

Thank you Chrystine,

Ellen Fulton

Shirley ‘s Testimonial

When my partner and I decided to host a party for our friends, my first concern was the stress that comes with trying to feed 30 people and yet staying, calm, cool and collected.  The solution was hiring Chrystine who relieved the pressure that comes with entertaining a large group of people.

She sat down with us and planned the menu well in advance, then shopped and prepared a fabulous selection of dishes in our kitchen both before and during the party.  When she left that evening, the kitchen was spotless.  We were amazed, and continue to be, that she did it all with such a calm and efficient manner.  It was the best event we’ve ever had and our friends are still talking about the food, especially the variety of dishes that were prepared.

Thank you Chrystine for making it possible to relax and enjoy the evening with our friends!

Shirley Oliver

Jennifer’s Testimonial

I am very grateful for the great food and recipes you cook for us every week. I never have to worry about what to make for dinner and my each meal seems to be better than the last. You offer a variety of menu using herbs, spices and flavorings makes each dish unique. You always consider diet preferences and cook to them perfectly.

Thank you for all your hard work so far.
Jennifer Komen

Lyz’s Testimonial

“I hired Chrystine to cater my retirement party and many weeks after this my friends are still raving about the food. It was great to have her in my own home to cook, serve and cleanup rather than most caterers who prepare the food elsewhere and just drop it off. She was able to put out hot and cold hors d’oeuvres at several stages over the four hours of the party so that whenever the guests arrived there were fresh and tasty offerings. The tuna takaki was a special favourite of mine, but the whole experience was a relaxing treat for me and my guests.

Thank you,
Lyz S.

Ati’s Testimonial

Ati Masroor- CEO ATI Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Ati Masroor- CEO
ATI Bookkeeping &
Tax Services

I’ve known Chrystine as a classmate and friend for over a year, but have never had the opportunity to enjoy her culinary services until recently when she invited us to have dinner at her place.

I felt like I was dining at the best French restaurant and I didn’t even need to fly to Paris. I was quite thrilled — the food was just fantastic!!

From the Cream of Pumpkin Soup with a delicious garnish of mushroom and goat cheese, to the Osso Bucco Veal and Wine Broth with an Italian Gremolata garnish, to the tasty Fruit Salad with Apple Ice Cider from Québec, the entire meal was scrumptious.

If you want to create a special memory or wow your family and friends, you should definitely try Chrystine’s amazing cuisine. Her food is so tasty!

Farzaneh’s Testimonial

In my family,Thursday nights are the time that we get together and enjoy each others company over a nice meal or a movie. Last Thursday, I asked Chrystine Richer to help me make our family time even more special. Chrystine did that, beautifully, by preparing for us one of her exciting dishes,The Stewed Duck Leg. A hearty,delicious and amazingly tasteful meal, just perfect for a cold rainy night with my loved ones.

Thank You Chrystine,


Testimony from Elizabeth Shewchuk
President of Daughter for a Day

“Chrystine called me one night to come by and pick up a delicious meal of lamb shank with vegetables. I was working late each night and was feeling tired. I cannot tell what a lift that was, and how impressed I am with her recipe and the goodness of it. Her skills as a chef are superb and her service is wonderful. As a senior service provider I am always concerned with my elderly clients’ eating. I know it becomes difficult to cook and prepare if you are one person, Christine is a viable alternative and she has packages that are easily affordable. We now are very aware that good nutrition is key to good health, and eating well ensures living well.

I have recommended Christine to several colleagues and family and I am sure that they will not be disappointed. Christine the lamb was delicious and I can only imagine what some of your other recipes are like.

Thank you so much for thinking of me!”


Testimony from Leanne Woodward
Prudential Sussex Realty

Chrystine came to my home and prepared the most delicious dinner for 8. As a working mother I usually do not have time to shop, prepare and worry about how the meal turns out. I tend not to have dinner parties as the thought of it is too overwhelming especially when entertaining fellow business associates. Chrystine took that pressure off and in my mind that was the best part about having a personal chef in my home! The meal was fantastic and I could sit and socialize with my company. My guests were very impressed with her organization, presentation and professionalism. I would highly recommend having Chrystine cook a gourmet dinner for anyone!


Testimony from Ellen Fulton

When my father decided that he no longer felt like cooking for himself I asked friends for the names of chefs and cooks. A friend, who had eaten at a dinner party that Chrystine had catered, recommended Chrystine at Smart Cooking to us.  Chrystine meet with us, went into detail about my Dad’s food preferences and needs. She has been coming to his home once a week and cooking him amazing meals, which he has for lunch and dinner. Chrystine leaves a few days food in the fridge and freezes the rest; she leaves his kitchen immaculate and even does his grocery shopping. Chrystine has been an amazing help and resource for my family; we are very grateful and highly recommend her.


Ellen Fulton

Testimony from Henry B. Fulton

Chrystine, it gives me pleasure to write this testimonial for you and your company Smart Cooking. You are punctual, neat as a pin, fit into and use my kitchen without any fuss (with no reason for me to be around) and leave it as clean, or even cleaner, than you found it. You shop for me better than I could.

While I am not a gourmet, I like a wide variety of high quality, well-prepared food. I have found this to be invariably applicable to each and every item you cooked for me, ranging from your soups, salads, lamb, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, rice, potatoes and desserts. You offer a diverse menu, and your use of herbs and flavorings makes each dish unique.

From every point of view you provide exactly what I want at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend you without reservation, and with enthusiasm and the hope that other clients will be as satisfied and happy with your services as I am.

Henry B. Fulton

Testimony from Joan Ghaeni

Last week I had guests at home and I hired Chrystine from Smart Cooking Company to cook lunch. She suggested some healthy menus. She made Chicken Fennel and Apricot, Grill Root Vegetables and a Buckwheat Salad. The food was nutritious and delicious. Everyone enjoyed it. Chrystine also left the kitchen spotless, there was nothing for me to do except to enjoy the company of my guests.

Certainly, I would ask Chrystine to make another one of her delicious recipes very soon.

Thank you,

Joan Ghaeni